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Reach Your Customers Like Never Before

A communication platform that bridges the gap between an organization and its customers. Providing a personalized customer experience, Video Call Center allows you to connect face to face with your customers.

CAPx Engage Video Call Center

Our solution for video call center is a webRTC based communication platform that allows organizations to connect with their customers via video calls from anywhere at any time using a simple web browser. CapX Engange is built with an easy to use interface that does not require any special training to use. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can start sending video messages to your customers.

What is CAPx Engage Video Call Center?

A Video-powered Contact Center Solution for Digital Sales, Relationship Management & Customer Service

No Download Required

With WebRTC technology , customers can connect to your organization from any device with a camera and a compatible browser without downloading any plugin.

Call Center Functionality

Enable Call Center features like transfer, call monitoring, queue management, etc. You can quickly switch between these operations from your main dashboard.

Complete Security

Communicate with complete end to end encryption . All data communicated between the customer and the call center is encrypted to prevent interception by third parties.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy the solution either on premise on in the cloud without any additional infrastructure requirements. Both deployment models provide flexibility while making it easy to scale to meet future needs.

Full Featured

CAPx Engage runs on almost any device including PCs, Mobile devices and Self-service Kiosks making it perfect for self-service scenarios. Additionally, Personal/Enterprise level solution with ability to set up custom IVR menus and record messages

Simple Implementation

Our Call Center solution is simple to implement by both customers and agents with benefits of features like Call Transfer, Encrypted Communications, Screen Sharing and Recording capabilities etc.

Typical Use Cases of a Video Call Center

Video Call Center Telehealth


Video Call Center for Telehealth enhances patient engagement by providing them with the ability to connect with care providers in a more convenient manner.



Let your customers feel like they are having a conversation with a real person by engaging in a real-time video call with a customer care representative to assess the situation and provide solutions.

Video Call Center Government


Modernize government services by increasing your reach to the public. Provide timely and relevant information to citizens by integrating government portals into the contact center architecture.

Video Call Center Banking


Also, Reach out to more customers instantly with video calling solution that allows conversations to be recorded and stored for future use with a personal digital delivery portal.



Use either in-store Kiosk or mobile devices to evolve the consumer experience and engage with them in a more personalized way. Embed an interactive touchscreen in retail location to increase engagement and drive purchas

Flexible Deployment Options

Cloud or On Premise

The CAPx Engage Video Call Center solution offers flexible deployment. Both the on-premise and cloud deployments can be scaled up or down to support large call volumes and meet changing business needs.

Cloud deployment is ideal for organizations that want to reduce IT costs by eliminating the need to maintain IT infrastructure, acquire new hardware and software, and also manage the data center environment.

Pricing You Need

Perpetual or Subcription

We offer both perpetual and subscription model for the video call center solution.

You can deploy the call center platform on either a perpetual or subscription basis depending on your business requirements and budget. Increasing or decreasing the number of seats can be done just in under a minute without affecting your services.

Perpetual licenses are purchased outright and have a one-time upfront fee followed by annual maintenance payments per seat.


CAPx Engage Video Call Center Features

Some of the features that our Video Call Center solutions offer.

Real Time Video Call Transfer

CAPx Engage video call center makes sure your customer is connected to the right agent or specialist in realtime.

Complete Reporting

You get complete statistics and metrics on the calls you receive additionally, you can measure the quality of your service.

Multi-Party Calls

Allows multiple parties to participate on the same call. We support call transfer out of the box. Use either video or phone.

Multi-Tenancy Supported

Additionally, the solution supports multiple tenants on a single instance of the contact center server. Each tenant has access to its own set of users, agents and queues.

Monitoring and Scheduling

CAPx Engage video call center features a comprehensive call monitoring and scheduling application that allows you to schedule calls and monitor progress in real-time.

Collaboration Functionalities

Have advance collaboration functionalities like file sharing, chat, call recording and geolocalization to see where the customer is calling from.

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