Technical Support

Technical Support Services

Capstar Solutions technical support and services are delivered according to the needs and budget of the customer. Indeed, we have the objective of reducing cost, improving efficiency. In addition, We offer desktop and

management, network and communication management and data center management. Providing good technical support and customer services is our specialty and when we work on routine tasks like software or hardware upgrades, we make it easy for your IT manager to focus on the systems and eradicate worrying about the system.

We always make sure that our customer receives the best technical support along with good customer services. Reach out to us to get support whether you intend to deploy new infrastructure or you have an existing one.

Likewise, we have an emphasis on such designs that are flexible and easy to understand. At the same time they should be scalable and feature rich as well. Our engineers are well equipped with knowledge of any communication system such as PSTN, IP, etc so they can help you anytime you like. Above all, you can choose from a wide assortment of office telephone systems that best fits your Business.

Installation Services

Our products and engineers provide maximum deployment services when it comes to installation services. We offer our services for even much more flexibility than a user can get from a traditional installation. Similarly, we have covered all of the business niches that are present in Pakistan to support their business with maximum availability.

We cover entire Pakistan including small cities to deliver our services to maximum people in Pakistan. Also, our cheap prices and easy installment service makes it easy for an organization to pay whenever they can and enjoy their corporate services with our support.

We offer following services

  • Hardware and Communication Networks Management

  • Network Security Management

  • Software Licensing

  • Installation, Optimization, & Troubleshooting

  • Server Optimization

  • Video Conferencing Hardware Repair