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How Yealink Innovates Business Communication

Certified for Microsoft Teams & Zoom
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From huddle spaces to large conference rooms, Yealink is a leading brand of Yealink video conferencing in Pakistan. With cutting edge technology, crisp video quality and feature rich solutions are platform agnostic and can perform to its best almost anywhere.

Both standalone and bundled solutions provide  great benefits to businesses today. You can simply initiate a face to face meeting with a few clicks. If you want to save your operational cost as well as enhance the productivity then you should definitely go for an enterprise video conferencing solution. If this is what you want, then Yealink has some great solutions for organizations of different size and range

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Microsoft Teams Solutions

Yealink has a broad range of devices and endpoints ceritifed for Microsoft Teams. You can either user bundles already configured or just simply use a HD camera from Yealink to join any Teams meeting.

Zoom Solutions

With robust solutions for Zoom, Yealink is the widely deployed video conferencing endpoint manufacturer in the world. All of devices are Plug & Play and requires minimum to no configuration straight out of the box offering great flexibility.

Others / BYOD Camera

Simply bring these devices and connect them with almost any platform you want to use. Yealink offers cameras and speakers ranging from an individual to large conference rooms with mutliple participants.

Setup Your Video Conferencing

with Pro-Grade Solutions from Yealink

Designed for small, medium and large rooms, the Yealink offers Microsoft Teams Rooms system as a bundle video solution with UVC86 4K dual-eye tracking camera, different options for connection microphones like wired and wireless mics and Mspeaker bars for immersive audio experience. Different devices and solutions form Yealink brings a premium Teams meeting experience you need to interact, connect and collaborate with internal and external users.

One-Stop Solution Provider


Yealink offers One-stop voice and video solutions to reduce the costs of procurement & support/services with any provider of your choice. Yealink devices can be easily managed and deployed quickly with simplicity of experience.

Yealink offers a full portfolio video devices solution for Microsoft Teams, covering from huddle to extra-large meeting spaces, including Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) on Android, Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, and video phone. To meet different requirements of customers, Yealink not only provides the MeetingBar A20 and A30 for
small and medium spaces, but also provides the MVC940 and MVC960 room system that can meet the needs of extra-large rooms covering up to 30 users.

Yealink MVC640
Yealink A30 CTP18 VCH51

Yealink Meeting Bars

Best Of Breed All-in-one Meeting Bar For Your Meeting Rooms – Certified For Microsfot Teams & Zoom

Yealink MVC940

Yealink MVC/ZVC Series

The Yealink MVC II series is a bundle video solution for Microsoft Teams & Zoom  that includes everything you need to interact, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users seamlessly.

UVC 86 Camera 520x255

Yealink UVC Cameras

Connect a laptop to a room system? With Yealink room system, users can enjoy a plug & play experience, as easy as that. Stay connected with Yealink room system, users can not only bring your own device to the meeting room but also enjoy the intelligent video & premium audio.

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