Sangoma Phones

Sangoma IP Phones are the smartest answer for your desk phones deployment. Also, you can easily and quickly use them out of the box. They are robust and come with built-in phone apps that are compatible with most of the PBX vendors. When you use them with Sangoma’s PBXact, you also get an options of customizing the phone apps according to your requirement so you don’t need to remember the key codes.

Each phone comes with industry standard power over Ethernet so you do not need any power cables to operate your phones. These phones have dual Ethernet ports, full duplex speakerphones, 5 – way conference calling, HD voice and built in VPN capability. Sangoma IP Phones can connect with expansion modules that are beneficial for those who receive a large volume of calls and provide a single button access to all of your contacts.

Sangoma IP Phones

Sangoma phone apps are available right on the phone straight out of the box that does not require and additional requirement or licenses. Now, you don’t need to remember difficult feature codes. You can control complicated phone features right from your phone with a single push of a button. Similarly, deploying a large number of phones can be a daunting task when you have to manually configure each and every phone. Also, Sangoma offers Zero Touch Provisioning. Whenever you buy a new IP Phone, it can be provisioned by the Sangoma redirection server automatically without any human intervention.

Sangoma S206


Sangoma S206 is an entry level phone with basic two SIP account at a competitive entry level price point. Main features include:

  • 2 SIP Accounts

  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone

  • 5-way Conferencing

  • 128 x 40 Pixel Backlight Graphical LCD

  • Dual Ethernet Ports

  • Handsfree

  • VPN Capability

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Sangoma S305


Sangoma S305 is a fully featured phone with 2 SIP accounts and programmable keys at a very competitive price. Some features include:

  • 2 SIP Accounts

  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone

  • 5-way Conferencing

  • 132×48 pixel graphical LCD with backlight

  • 4 Line/Feature Key

  • Dual Ethernet ports

  • Expansion Module not supported

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Sangoma S406


Sangoma S406 is a fully featured phone with 3 SIP accounts and programmable keys at a very competitive price. Some features include:

  • 3 VoIP accounts

  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone

  • 5-way Conferencing

  • 2.7 Inch Grey Scale Screen

  • 25 Programable Softkeys

  • Dual 10/100/1000 Network

  • EHS Support

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Sangoma S505


Sangoma S505 is a mid-level IP Phone for the people who talks frequently on phone. The phone is equipped with advance features like

  • 4 SIP Accounts

  • 3.5 Inch Color Screen

  • 5-way Conferencing

  • 35 Programable Softkeys

  • EHS Support

  • Dual 10/100/1000 Network

  • PoE & Expansion Modules Supported

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Sangoma S705


Sangoma S705 is an executive level IP Phone with usability options like to enable user control complex features directly from phone

  • 6 SIP Accounts

  • 4.3 Inch Color Screen

  • 5-way Conferencing

  • 28 Programable Softkeys

  • Built into Bluetooth and Wifi

  • Dual 10/100/1000 Network

  • PoE, EHS, Expansion Module

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Sangoma Dect Wireless Phone

DECT Wireless Phone

Sangoma DECT wireless IP Phone gives you the freedom and efficiency of wireless and is able to integrate with different SIP platforms.

  • 1.44’’ TFT display

  • Up to 5 simultaneous calls

  • Standby time: 75 hours

  • Range: Up to 50m indoors

  • Frequency band: 1880MHz–1930MHz

  • Headset connector

  • 1x RJ45 10 / 100M Ethernet port

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Phone Apps

Likewise, a user can control the global settings of the extension being used simply with the help of Endpoint Manager. Particularly, a Sangoma’s PBXact feature where you can program your phone keys. map extensions, upload images, update or downgrade your phone’s firmware and much more. Also, people working in a remote office can connect to the PBX in the main office with complete security using built in VPN service present in Sangoma IP phones. Provide high level of voice quality and protection to your remote staff without compromising firewall settings.

Expansion Modules

Additionally, adding an expansion module to the phone is never a problem because Sangoma IP phones support it. Above all, expansion module provides on touch access to a number of features that others do not offer. Similarly, it maximizes the productivity of phone attendant by efficiently dispatching the inbound calls. In order to achieve maximum productivity, 6 of the expansion modules can be daisy chained. Similarly, you can have dedicated buttons for your favorite phone apps. Particularly, with the modules that have 40 programmable soft buttons. Additionally, you can configure all of the buttons directly from your endpoint manager.

Another key point for Sangoma IP phones is that each and every part of Sangoma IP Phones can be ordered separately if you face any warranty problem. Also, we keep full stock of replacement phones with us so you don’t face any difficulty in carrying out your business communication activities.