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Ensure that yourWorkplace is as smart as the people

Easily visualize and schedule meeting rooms, office spaces, and resources.


Meeting Room Management

Universal traffic light system instantly lets you know which rooms are avilable to book and those who are already booked

Schedule On The Go

We make it easy for you to schedule meetings, find and book meeting rooms and other spaces - even if you are not at your desk.

Smarter Workplace

insights about booking behavior and how your meeting rooms are really utilized by your colleagues and instantly shift to a new room

Boost your workspace

Meetio DeskSimple Hot Desking

Increasingly in the modern workplace, activity-based working or flexible working has become a popular means of working. As a result, the demand for bookable workspaces has soared. The Meetio Desk cloud service allows you to manage and schedule physical desks and other workspaces in your office – whether you are on-site or on your phone. Hot desking has never been easier.
Meetio helps you to find and book your next hot desk in a few clicks.

Want to find your coworkers or find a free desk next to them? The find-a-colleague feature in the mobile app lets you do that! Just tap the name in the search function and you’ll have all the info.

Find Your Team

Find YourColleague Instantly

Meetio Admin

Best-in-class centralized management for your entire Meetio suite.


Workplace usage statistics give you invaluable insight into how your resources are actually used.


Although you probably won’t need it - we have really great support if something goes wrong.



Enterprise-grade security keeps your data safe and secure.


Book Your Meeting Rooms

Easy to understand – simple to use

A web-based tool that helps organizations schedule and manages meeting rooms more efficiently. It offers a centralized interface for managing meeting room reservations, as well as an easy-to-use booking engine. The tool supports both hourly and daily bookings and provides users with an interface that lets them view schedules in a clear, user-friendly manner.

Traffic Light - Sort of

Meetio RoomRoom Management

There is literally no room for interpretation with the universal traffic light system. Grab a meeting room at the click of a button with the ease of two clicks. Click the green button to reserve the room and click the red button to cancel it. Simple as that!

Get up and running in seconds without the need for any special training. Simply sign up and log in using your corporate email address to get started. Our intuitive interface makes it quick and easy for users to schedule and manage their meetings.

Schedule meetings

Scheduling On the gowith Meetio Room

Organize meetings, find and book meeting rooms and other spaces, even when you are not in the office, with Meetio Room. Meetio Room comes with our app, giving you full scheduling flexibility in your palm of your hand.

Instant Meeting

Using the tablet or app, you can quickly book a free room. You can also use RFID or NFC to book and identify yourself.

Roon Capacity

Shows how many people the room is suited for.

Central Management

Central management of all of your tablets in our cloud based web app Meetio Admin – no extra software or servers needed!

Equipment Info

Show what kin dof equipment does the room offer like, TV, projector, whiteboard etc.