Meeting Room Schedulers


odern workplaces are flexible and dispersed. You can make everyone more efficient with our meeting scheduler device and let others know about the on-going meeting or a vacant space.

You can choose from a wide range of meeting schedulers for your video conferencing rooms. Meeting scheduler are available in enterprise grade, PoE enabled and versatile designs. You can get them with 7″ and 10″ displays. By integrating meeting schedulers, your team can see the availability of video conferencing rooms and similarly, they can reserve their rooms from it.

It displays the entire schedule of the day and the up coming meeting information with complete details. Checking into the meeting, extending the duration of the meeting, ending the meeting early, or entirely cancelling the meeting is just a touch away. In addition to that, it has indicators that would help people determine the current status of the meeting room.

Now, you can completely avoid any confusion that arranging different meeting at the same time by different employees can cause. Indeed management of your meeting rooms is very easy. Optimize your meeting rooms availability according to its needs.

Meeting Scheduler

Even you can also display some relevant information to your employees. Similarly, just mount these device at the entrance of the meeting room where anyone can have an idea of the timeline of the meeting in progress.