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Microsoft Teams Contact Center

The Microsoft Teams Contact Center provides a full collaboration experience for your customers. You can easily get the contact center functionality directly into Microsoft Teams with full collaboration

Microsoft Teams Call Center

Microsoft Teams Contact Center

Run your call center in Microsoft with complete collaboration and unified communications experience.

Call center agents can access all of their information in one place (for example, details about a call or a case) and collaborate with other employees right from the Teams interface.

Agents can also view team performance metrics like handle time and availability rates on their Teams page, so they can plan their shift accordingly and ensure quality interactions with customers. And through integration with Azure AI, the Contact Center provides real-time insights that empower agents to improve their performance and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Autottendant for Teams

With a simple click, you can divert calls to specific people or groups regardless of their location or company infrastrucutre.

Turnkey Cloud Contact Center

Out-of-the-box features for contact-center operations, including routing rules, interactive voice response (IVR), screen pops, and other integration options

Call Recorder for Teams

Video and Voice Recordings are available: automatically recorded audio/video calls can be embedded in documents and saved in the chat history.

Microsoft Teams Contact Center Dashboard

Why Microsoft Teams Contact Center?

Use business-context intelligence to empower your agents and self-service scenarios with customer-specific information. Accept incoming calls in Microsoft Teams and manage customer services directly from Teams, capture details, and key metrics.

Reduce high abandon call rates by engaging customers in conversation before the call is connected and get full analytics into call outcomes in real-time. Get all the performance metrics, history, recordings all in one place. Build a highly contextual omnichannel experience, including proactive service and follow-up communication via Microsfot Teams Contact Center.

Microsoft Teams Contact Center Features


Live and historical analytics of call history

Call Recording

Assign policies to record calls


Reports on customer engagement


Live wall boards allow agents and managers to monitor performance

Barge In

Managers can join problem calls

Visual Monitor

Visually monitor ongoing calls with speech to text


Analyze call content for proper sentiment

Wrap Up Tracking

Record call outcome

CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more call pop integration

Courtesy Call Back

Callers can request call back

Music on Hold

Select queue music on hold

Azure AD Sign-In

Security & Convenience of Azure AD

Microsoft Power Platform

Works with Microsoft Power BI, Power Automate & Power Apps

Skill Based Routing

Route to an agent based on their skill

Anywhere, at Anytime, by Anyone

When working from home or any other remote office, you need a logistical distributed working environment that is convenient and efficient. This will enable workers to work wherever and whenever they want while maintaining a consistent organization-wide knowledge base and a single shared communication channel.

We provide a frictionless connectivity across different environments and devices which means your workforce can seamlessly work between their office desk and their laptop at home using multiple devices on a single platform such as smart phones

How Microsoft Teams Contact Center will improve service experience?

With seamless integration to Microsoft Teams, agents can collaborate and share insights on customer conversations without leaving Teams. Using Business-Context Intelligence powered by Microsoft AI allows agents to uncover insights from each customer interaction and create an intelligent omnichannel experience for your customers.

Happy Employee Provides Great Customer Services.

A good caller experience starts with a happy agent. Make the lives of your agents easier and they will in turn make your customers happier.

Capstar Solutions Teams Direct Routing
What is a Microsoft Teams Contact Center?

The Microsoft Teams Contact Center provides a full collaboration experience for your customers. You can easily get the contact center functionality directly into Microsoft Teams with full collaboration

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing leverages the voice capabilities of Microsoft Teams to enable voice calls within a team, even if there is no dedicated line available. This helps your contact center agents and knowledge workers to place and receive calls on the company’s corporate phone number through Teams.

What is a Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams?

A connected Contact Center means you are no longer constrained by a traditional PBX phone system or call center solution. Now that integrating a contact center solution with Teams is a common need for enterprises, we created a way to use our capabilities to extend your Teams deployment into the contact center environment.