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What is DTEN and Why Does It Transform Meetings?

Remove the complications with smart meetings DTEN Video Conferencing

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Plug N Play

The box has all the things you need. a quick and simple set up that takes no more than 15 minute

All In One Solution

A single device capable of being used for document sharing, video conferencing, and interactive whiteboarding.

AI Powered

powerful DSP audio technology and recurring AI updates. The product simply gets better with time!

Immersive Experience

Smart camera and cutting-edge audio technology create realistic face-to-face interactions.

DTEN Video Conferencing


Use the ME Pro for elevated video collaboration whether you’re designing for a small conference room or an at-home workspace.

An all-in-one desktop video conferencing solution


Using the ME Pro you can enjoy enhanced video collaboration for small meeting areas or home offices. Thanks to its slim design, it's simple to mount on the wall. With full HD resolution for crisp images and clear audio, the ME Pro is perfect for small meeting spaces or home offices.

Transform any TV into a Touch enabled VC Unit

DTEN GO with Mate

For professional video meetings on any existing TV or display, the compact GO device provides all of the audio and visual functionality of DTEN's products in easy-to-use equipment. In addition, the Mate pairs with it and turns your ordinary display into a touch-enabled video conferencing unit.

DTEN’s Android-based appliance

All-in-One ON 55’’

Whether you are looking for the best video conferencing for your small business, medium business, or large business, there is a technology that can scale with your needs. It is an all-in-one video collaboration solution for Windows with easy and seamless usability.


55" / 75" / Dual 55"/ Dual 75"

Outstanding, all-in-one, plug-and-play video conferencing solutions for unrivaled collaborations is the DTEN D7.

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Simplified Meeting Experience


A smaller body and ergonomic form make this stunning new DTEN D7 model easy to set up and instal anyplace in the room. DTEN Video Conferencing users—employees, business partners, and clients—enjoy an attractive and convenient experience since it mixes in with furniture and other interior design components.

DTEN Video Conferencing

DTEN Video Conferencing

Transform Your Workspace

The DTEN GO offers a rich feature set that transforms any display to be touch-enabled while the accompanying DTEN Mate provides intuitive whiteboarding, annotation tools, and screen mirroring.

DTEN Video Conferencing

Smart Camera Design


The 4-camera array and 160-degree field of view smart camera track real-time movements and gestures. The tilt bracket helps ensure the best set-up for your meeting space.

DTEN Video Conferencing

Customized for Zoom


The DTEN GO with Mate was designed exclusively for Zoom and can be set up in minutes. Just plug it in and it just works!

Be Heard Clearly with Audio AI


The 12-microphone array ensures everyone is audible while AI-based noise cancellation technology fosters a lifelike and productive meeting for all participants while suppressing distractions.

DTEN Video Conferencing

Wireless Connectivity


With the DTEN GO’s wireless connection to the DTEN Mate, annotating and whiteboarding in a group is as simple as passing the remote.

DTEN Video Conferencing
DTEN Features
  • Digital White boarding with minimised latency
  • Extremely thin and lightweight
  • Directional Microphone Array with 16 Channels
  • Simple to install and configure.
  • 4K Camera with Auto Framing Technology
  • Immediately usable out of the box

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