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In today’s world, organizations understand how to build a strong connection between their customers, colleagues and employees. With the help of video conferencing they can fulfill their needs of communications without spending much. There are cheap video conferencing camera solutions that eliminate your need of travelling and spending money in order to maintain and conduct a meeting.

Of course, Logitech Video Conferencing solutions will allow you to communicate effectively and efficiently as if you are there in person. Whether it is a meeting or you want to have a demonstration of a product to an abroad client or you are going to solve some problems with some data sharing, Logitech is here for you. With evolving technologies, now, it is very easy for almost any kind of organization to have a video conferencing facility. Every organization can afford Logitech Video Conferencing Solution because of its elegance and cheapness. Capstar Solutions help our customer to deploy cost effective solutions of video conferencing and webinar with Logitech.

Logitech Group Video Solution

Logitech Group is a complete and hassle free video conferencing solution for large meeting rooms. With outstanding audio and video quality, Logitech coupled with mics can beat almost any device. Audio and video quality is always essential for a meeting. Logitech will always give you a delightful experience with its very good voice pickup and video quality. Coupled with expansion mics, the voice pickup ranges up to 25 feet which is quite good for a room of medium size. With HD video conferencing camera you can capture 1080p quality video.

You can easily convert any space into a meeting room with Logitech Group. Accommodating 14 people without extra mics. You can easily increase the capacity for up to 20 people by adjust adding two expansion mics too. We offer both sales and rentals services.

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