Yealink Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is bringing great benefits to businesses today. You can simply initiate a face to face meeting with a few clicks. If you want to save your operational cost as well as enhance the productivity then you should definitely go for an enterprise video conferencing solution. If this is what you want, then Yealink has some great solutions for organizations of different size and range.

Choosing the right video conferencing equipment is somehow tricky. Understanding and identifying the benefits in implementing the system will help you come to a conclusion.

Yealink VC 800

When it comes to large meetings with multi-point connection Yealink VC 800 has no parallel in quality of video and price. Yealink VC 800 is a best solution for medium and large rooms. It has got all the features that a multipoint video conferencing equipment should have while maintaining the highest level of quality and user experience. VC 800 can connect up to 24 sites while keeping the 1080p video quality and the best features is that you can divide these 24 sites into any two meeting rooms that would be completely separate from one another so you keep the privacy and don’t need to worry about others.

You can connect up to 9 cameras that would work simultaneously in a conference so you don’t need to have a video switcher at all. For example, you can place these cameras in large meeting rooms, halls, auditoriums etc and capture everyone.

  • 24 Sites HD Video Conferencing

  • Connect up to 9 Cameras

  • USB Recording

Yealink VC 800 Video Conferencing Equipment
  • Two separate meeting rooms

  • 1080p Content Sharing

  • Wireless Mics

Yealink VC 500 VC Equipment
  • High Definition Video

  • High Definition Voice

  • Endpoint Equipment

Yealink VC 500

Yealink VC500 is the ultimate answer for small and medium meeting rooms. It comes into two different designed. One having wireless microphones so you don’t need to worry about any wires and mess on you table. In order to provide mobility, it features Yealink DECT technology, you can experience a great meeting with the help of Yealink VC500.

Yealink VC500 also comes with a micpod which further enhances you voice quality and makes your meetings out class. You can have a lifelike meeting with an 83 degree PTZ camera while giving 1080p video resolution.

  • 1080p@60fps and 5x Optical Zoom Camera

  • Additional One Way Audio Call

  • HD Recording

Yealink VC 200

Yealink VC200 is an entry level endpoint video conferencing equipment introduced by Yealink especially designed for small huddle rooms. Likewise, it has got ultra HD 4K camera and 103 degree wide angle lens integrates wifi/codec/microphone/brackets and camera all in one. Additionally, VC200 is a compact answer for super HD meetings. Coupled with wireless microphone arrays VC200 have direct voice pickup and makes your meetings noise proof.

With all-in-one design by integrating codec, camera, microphone and bracket, VC200 can easily fits TV ranging from 6mm to 50mm thick. The equipment has got bluetooth and wifi connectivity with firewall traversal features thus making it a best video conferencing equipment because of the ease of use and HD video resolution. You can also make multipoint call using a cloud video conferencing service.

  • Ultra HD 4K Camera

  • 4x Digital Zoom

  • 6 Beamforming Microphone Arrays

  • Certified for Microsoft Teams

Yealink VC 200 VC Equipment
  • One Minute Deployment

  • PoE Supply

  • Bluetooth and WiFi Support

  • Certified for Zoom