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Sangoma IP Phones Revolutionize Business Communication

These IP phones have a variety of features that make them ideal for business users, including call handling and meeting management features, as well as a number of security and privacy features to keep data safe.

All Features Included

Affodrable & Powerful IP Phones

Sangoma IP Phones offer a set of standard calling and conference room features alongside advanced, comprehensive interoperability with popular UC solutions. Businesses can easily deploy a scalable VoIP solution with multiple lines of concurrent calls via either internal or external service providers over a single internet connection, saving both time and money.


Each phone comes with industry standard power over Ethernet


Dual Ethernet ports, full duplex speakerphones


5 – way conference calling


HD voice and built in VPN capability


Color display even in basic phone

The Future is Unlocked

Take Charge Of Your Calls

Users are given complete freedom to manage and customize their incoming and outgoing calls using the extensive phone functions and powerful Sangoma IP Phones that support complete Zero Touch Provisioning for bulk deployment.

Users can access all commonly used features in one single screen for call handling such as call forwarding, call hold


Sangoma Phone Apps

Sangoma IP Phones also come with powerful built-in apps for enhanced voice productivity and ease of use. Popular apps like Presence, Inbound Call Control, Presence Directory, Auto Attendant and Advanced Call Handling are all available with the Sangoma IP Phones and all features are easily accessible through the phone’s web interface.

connect-ios-gif-305-x-550.gif (305×551)

How It Works

No Need of Feature Codes


You don’t neet to rememer all the feature codes for different operation on your phone. Your deskpone has more than 35 configurable buttons for this purpose.


Configure phones via Zero Touch Provisionig and save your time for bulk deployment of phones.

Value Based Phones

Sangoma P310 and P315

The P320 &P330 bring smart versatility to your office by providing users with brilliant HD audio, impressive speed and customizability capabilities. IP-Phones provide necessary entry-level capabilities without compromising the performance and functionality often found in more expensive phones. Both offer 2 lines and 4 lines respectively.

A superb user experience is provided at a cost that suits any budget thanks to the device’s 2.4″ vibrant, full-color LCD display and exceptional HD voice quality.

Sangoma P310 IP Phone Capstar Solutions

Key Features and Benefits

Color Screen

2.4-inch backlit colour LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels.


It has a sturdy, contemporary design and a stable base, so it won’t tumble off the desk; it also has a wall-mounting option.

Lock Ports

Your phones are kept secure in busy areas by two Kensington lock ports.

P-Series-Groups_P320-P325-P330-650 x 450

Mid-Range Phones

Sangoma P320 and P325

The mid-range P-Series phones from Sangoma are created to provide the capabilities you require for every type of user at an affordable price. This is reflected in its high-end sound quality, large displays and intuitive user interface. By pairing this phone with its matching expansion module, you can effortlessly add additional ports for additional analog or digital devices – transforming the phone into a powerful SIP-based PBX solution with plenty of room for growth.

With unlimited concurrent calls and support for up to 6 extensions, the P320 is a great solution for small and medium sized businesses looking for a flexible phone system that delivers on performance without costing a fortune.

Key Features and Benefits

Business Applications

User productivity is increased by built-in applications, which elevates communication.

Auto Provisioning

When you connect an IP Phone to Sangoma UC or UCass Plaforms and services, they are automatically configured.

Partner Friendly

A huge network of partners to support complete Sangoma product line 

Multi Platform Support

Mix platforms amongst workplaces while maintaining the same style.

Uniform Operations

Since all models operate in the same way, updates can be completed without further training.

Vertical Friendly

There is a model for almost every user type that has the necessary functionality at the expected price.

Integrated Productivity Applications

Take advantage of the midrange and executive range’s built-in upgraded applications to advance communication. With Provisioning, Business Voice, XML Configuration, Remote Logging, Firmware Update, and more, you can be sure to stay on the cutting edge of your business communications needs.

Visual Voicemails

Voicemails left for you can be seen, and you have complete control to skip and remove them.


Get a complete picture of call queue activity, which is ideal for managers who need to have quick access to details regarding the system’s queues.

Call Parking

Select the desired call from the system’s visual display of all parked calls.

Call Logs

With the Call Log app, you can view the most recent 50 calls made on the machine in addition to conventional call logs, and they are persistent across reboots!

Status (Presence)

View and modify your status, and manage how calls are handled based on it. The Presence State Module in your phone system GUI controls status options


To call users quickly, use the Contact Manager module’s search function to find contacts/users or groups.


With on-demand recording, the user can press a phone button at any time to start and stop recording.

Hot Desking (Login/Logout)

All of your extension and user settings will follow you whether you log in or out of any phone.


View the callers in every conference room you have available. You have complete authority to allow or prohibit entry, muffle calls, or kick callers out of a conference room.