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Webinar Solutions

Webinars in the first place, has been rapidly growing as a critical business tool to educate current clients and strengthen their customer service and to help companies find new customers. You can share your PowerPoint presentations and other content in order to facilitate your people whom you intend to run it for. In addition, it will allow your customers to interact with you directly and view the screenshot or even a live demonstration of your new product. Of course, this will greatly simplify your sales tasks and will automate your sales and marketing process. You can also connect to any Skype for Business client as well.

There are 3 key features of running webinars coupled with others. You can have basic features that is the audio/video interaction, moderator panel and presentation tools. With out webinar services, you can interact with your customers, new clients and friends in an easy and intuitive way. We offer both on premise and Cloud webinar services.

Webinar Solutions in Pakistan

Webinars are a vital strategy in today’s businesses. Whether it be a town hall meeting or just a simple marketing strategy, organizations are using webinar solutions. A lot of consumer brands are also switching to webinars for their own B2C marketing efforts. Webinars give you the chance to build a more personal relationship with your audience, delve deeper into the topics that concern them and build your brand as a place people can come to for important info.


  • scalable up to 10,000 video participants

  • Broadcast your event to Facebook Live or YouTube

  • One-click HD screen sharing

  • Host Control

  • Polling/Question & Answer

  • H.323 Integration in a webinar

Corporate Services

Also, you can have your own corporate YouTube for webinars where anyone in your organization can create content and stream it live across the network. Any team can subscribe to their own channel and like and share videos with their friends and colleagues. Similarly, it is equally beneficial in education sector where a recording and streaming server can take connect multiple video sources and live stream them at once. Admins can have a complete insight on reporting as well. Different classes can be run on different subjects without any interruption. The solution is offered my Polycom and is by the name of Realpresence Media Suite. It can be also in Clariti which is an infrastructure solution.