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Digium’s Switchvox

Switchvox Phone System is a competitively priced full-featured unified communication system. It can be deployed on-premise, or in cloud for the ease of administration and usage. The phone system has won major awards from media outlets and industry outlets. Additionally, For the long haul, you can count on Digium’s Switchvox phone system. Manufactured under the pioneer umbrella of Digium, Switchvox is a value leader in communications industry. Helping customers to save up to 60% over other telephony solutions over the competitors for the same phone features.

You can deploy Switchvox both on-premise and in cloud. There is not need to disturb any of your business processes even while migrating from on-premise to cloud. Both of the options are completely affordable and hassle free. Imagine you want a third party integration like Salesforce, Google Maps, Call Queues, or Presence, all of them are built-in and natively integrated. Developers can custom develop plugins for integration as well to integrate the phone system with another application through APIs.

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Potential of Swtichvox

The Switchvox phone system solution can be deployed in a number of ways. Either in one appliance for up to 600 users. Secondly, for thousands of users in geographically distributed locations. Similarly, it offers complete Call Center Solution for you to manage your inbound or outbound call center. In addition to this, different Switchvox servers can just peer systems together for automatic call distribution or have a redundant infrastructure.  The great news is that you can rent hard phones whenever you want for the term of up to 3 years with a minimum monthly installment. Below are some of the basic feature of Switchvox.

  • Enterprise Class Features with a competitive price

  • No feature to feature licensing requirements

  • Complete Unified Communications Platform

  • No maintenance agreements or on-going costs

  • Peer multiple communication servers to work as a single network

  • Easy third part apps integration.

  • Completely seperate or identical phone system for each user.

  • Integrate SIP, PRI, or PSTN or POTS lines into your communication.

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