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Snom IP Phones have a lot of features. Besides call waiting, call transfer, and conference calling, you will find a lot of other features that can boost your business productivity. More and more of the organizations are opting for VoIP Telephony. Because it appears to be more efficient using VoIP technologies instead of traditional telephone systems. There are new products available in Snom portfolio which cements the Snom’s position as a reliable and most trust vendor of Snom IP Phones. Snom has always impressed its users with great superb audio quality and results. Indeed they are very pleasing for all others too. Whether it is a call center, it is an office or just your home, Snom has fit into lives of people from every walk of life.

In the same way, they have elegant designs and German engineering. Snom has the perfect blend of features. These features are even more mandatory to perform your duties when it comes to Unified Communications. Snom is always working on improving the audio quality by working on the VoIP signalling and acoustic technologies using latest DSP algorithms available. Snom in well known for rectifying in-call network issues during a call like Network Delay, Packet Losses and issues that are related to background noise.

Why is Snom Powerful?

Snom has powerful and superb audio. It utilizes some of the advanced engineering techniques to ensure high standards of communication for your business.

D300 Series

D700 Series