Routing & Switching Solutions

We understand that switching and routing is the core of your computer networks. Not only a well designed network enables your business to achieve new goals rapidly but also enhance performance. To begin with, we work with the world’s leading brands namley Cisco, Juniper & Extreme Networks to keep your communication up and running. At Capstar Solutions we take into consideration a variety of element and suggest a solution that would work the best for you. Usually buying routers & switches can be a daunting task at times because you need proper guidance. This is to say, you should know which product suits you the best.

Furthermore, Capstar Solutions offers a full line of enterprise networking products like routers, switches of enterprise grade. Having said that, we team up with partners to provide sustainable networking solutions and to build “Agile Networks” that enable free mobility as well.


Cisco has been playing a vital role in keeping the communications systems up for an organization. Especially Cisco routers are the best top notch networking equipment. Cisco has been providing integrated service to develop and connect people over internet throughout the world. The company has been selling networking products like Switches, Routers Access Points and many other products related to communication.

Juniper Networks

In today’s modern world of computer networks, Juniper Networks is an enterprise network solution provider. For example, it enables a fast and secure access to applications over single Enterprise network.  Juniper has been providing a high-performance network infrastructure. They have helped different organizations to create value and accelerate business operations in today’s fast growing world.  Additionally, they have maintained quality and best customer services

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is one of the largest and leading solution provider of networking technology. In addition to this they offer highest quality products with great technical support round the clock. Besides this, organizations are challenged to enhance their user experience and mission effectiveness. While delivering secure, seamless, always-on access to critical services to their customers.