Project Description

Poly Studio X50

Poly Studio X50 is designed for medium and small rooms that gives you maximum control over your meetings. It comes with everything you need for a successful video conferencing experience. If you are a Zoom user or a Microsoft Teams user, you have got all the necessary components. You don’t need to have a dedicated PC or a laptop for this purpose. Poly Studio X50 is also a Plug and Play device that your can integrate with a number of different peripherals. If you have a large room and want to integrate your existing sound system or delegate microphone system, you can do that very easily.

You just need to mount the device over the top of your TV screen and plug it into the power. Just give internet access and off you go. You can connect any meeting is just minutes even if you are completely non technical or a lay man. Take advantage of the speaker tracking and group framing during your meeting even with any third party video conferencing software. There are six built-in bean forming microphones that would smoothly detect any human voice from any corner of the room and neglect any non-human voice like keyboard typing or table tapping etc. Similarly, the sound quality is superb that you can put either on the TV or received directly from Poly Studio X50 or Poly Studio X30

Sharing content locally or to remote participants during a call is also very handy in Poly Studio X50. Now, share wireless content with Apple Miracast, or Zoom content sharing app or Microsoft Teams without the need of any external content sharing solution. Oh! you want to call any Polycom, Huawei, Lifesize, Cisco video endpoints on IP? No problem. we can dial any standard based video conferencing infrastructure right away.