Project Description

Poly Studio USB

Poly Studo USB is an intelligent 4K camera easily manageable with integrated sound and camera. It is equipped with features like auto speaker tracking or group framing making it easy to run your meetings smoothly. Poly Studio is a a plug and play device easily installed without the need of any IT support specialist. You can either use group framing when you have multiple participants using the same conferencing room or you can activate speaker tracking where you want to track the speakers.

Poly Studio USB comes with built-in speakers where you can you use its speaker for better sound quality. Also, it six beam forming microphones pickup the voice intelligently and its noise block and acoustic fence features eliminates all the background noise. It only transfers the necessary information to the far end elevating your experience of video conferencing. Poly studio is also compatible with almost any video conferencing platform. you can use it with Skype for Business, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex etc.

When it comes to management of the USB Camera by Poly, it is very easy to manage via a pieces of software. You can install the software locally for local setting and firmware upgrades. You can also host the management solution in private cloud if you have bulk deployment. The solution is Poly Lens or PDMSE.  It’s ease of use and value for money makes Poly Studio an amazing product for your video conferencing needs.

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