Real time two-way video conferencing with Polycom Group series enables organization to communicate effectively and increase their productivity. Capstar Solutions is the leading name in providing state of the art technology to its valuable customers in extremely cheap pricing. Surely, your way of communication with your clients, colleagues and other stakeholders will completely be changed with the solutions we propose. Additionally, Polycom Group series is the ultimate answer for your video meetings. Capstar Solutions is one of the official partner among Polycom dealers in Pakistan.

Polycom Studio

Poly Studio

USB Video Bar

HD Video Bar with USB connectivity. Ideal for small & medium rooms where USB devices are connected to multiple devices

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Poly Studio X50

Poly Studio X 50

Poly Studio X50

All in one video bar for connecting standard based video conferencing and also use it with any soft client for mic and camera.

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Poly Studio X30

Poly Studio X 30

Best for Small & Medium Rooms

Poly Studio X30 is all in one video bar designed for small & medium rooms with wireless content sharing for multiple device connection.

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Polycom is the world’s leading video and voice solution provider. Having a broad portfolio Polycom’s Video Conferencing hardware is completely inter-operable with any third party video conferencing hardware or software. Capstar Solutions has been a consistent video conferencing solution provider in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Due to an amazing pricing structure our proposed solutions have been implemented in a number of organizations. Their reason for choosing Capstar Solutions is an amazing sales and support team. The very awesome management heads the team.

We are successfully redefining the landscape of Unified Communications and especially the high-end solutions like video conferencing. We have enabled our clients to be in reach of an amazing yet low cost solutions. Whether it is an SME or a large enterprise we have distinctively provided solutions to our clients where they seamlessly collaborate with each other. Capstar Solutions is one of the authorized Polycom dealers in Pakistan. Enjoy free support and after sale services for the rest of your products life and all the components related to them.

Polycom Group 310

Polycom Realpresence Group 310

Polycom Video Conferencing hardware Group 310 is an amazing and fastest selling product in the world due to its rich features and low cost. Especially, an end point like Group 310 connecting point to point sites is a great product for SMEs to have an urgent meeting in a matter of second. Polycom video conferencing therefore, having native integration with Skype for business in particular, giving an amazing high definition video quality of 1080p utilizing low bandwidth is what you need for your meetings.

Polycom Realpresence Group 500

Polycom Group 500 is the ultimate answer for your multiple sites video conferencing sessions. For instance, upon activation of a simple multi-point license, you can connect up to 6 sites seamlessly. Use any communication device of your choice.Particularly, powerful video and audio performance and interactive content collaboration bring users closer together. Also driving meaningful conversation for geographically dispersed teams. In addition the compact, sleek design is easily hidden out of sight, keeping your rooms clutter-free. Indeed, Polycom dealers will always suggest Polycom Group 500.

  • High performance video and content quality

  • 6 way multi-point Video Conferencing unit

  • EagleEye IV camera and RealPresence Group Microphone Array

  • Polycom® Constant Clarity™ technology

Polycom Group 310
Polycom dealers

Polycom Realpresence Group 700

Polycom Group 700 is for any large room, conference rooms or classrooms where there are more complex requirements. Also these rooms demand additional flexibility in video, audio and content collaboration. Generally there is a need of closely coupling other room components with polycom video conferencing hardware for a fully integrated experience. Also making it easy to collaborate with greater audience using group series.

  • Connect multiple cameras to capture both the students and lecturer in a large classroom

  • Connect up to three monitors so everyone in the room can see clearly, especially in very large spaces

  • Above all, multiple camera, content and audio inputs and outputs gives you the flexibility

  • Similarly, conference recording, bring high-impact video collaboration into larger rooms

We have enabled quite a number of organizations for Video and audio conferencing solutions. As one of the authorized Polycom dealers in Pakistan, Capstar Solutions is a trusted name in designing your solution for unified communications infrastructure.