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You use headsets for listening music, when watching movies, making phone call and for other more purposes. It has become more than a mere accessory now. Indeed there are plenty of headsets available in Plantronics to fulfill your needs. Whether you are watching a movie or making a phone call at a busy place, having a contact center or just an accessory to ease your process of phone calls. Because Plantroincs has got everything you need that suites your lifestyle and business requirements. Even if you use video conferencing or web conferencing to communicate with your team, you can use Plantronics headsets for ultimate voice quality.

In other words, the headset can deliver highly effective solutions to your businesses. In order to increase your productivity, they have got a bundle of features for you. We are one of the Plantronics dealers in Pakistan with presence in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. As far as the business is concerned, your productivity have a great impact upon your or your employees performance. For example, employees can concentrate on your work if they have their hands free to do other task in the office. With wireless options, users can move around with no cable attached to their workstation of mobile device. You can use Plantronics headsets with Polycom solutions as well as others.

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Premier Audio and Collaboration

experiences for smarter working

Whether Your Office is a traditional quiet one

or a Bird’s nest of activities, we help you to get the finest solution.

Select Your Headset With Capstar Solutions

Capstar Solutions is the leader in providing various headsets for your personal and business use. Therefore, you can select the most appropriate headset with our call center solution or IP Telephony. It will not only enhance your productivity but also you shall get the best benefit from your calls. Unlike others, we plan, install, and supply world class Plantronics headsets at your door step with no additional charges.

In general, Plantronics are available in wired headsets mostly suitable for call centers, wireless headsets for mobility and bluetooth headsets for listening to music. Depending on your choice and flexibility. Coupled with superior and secure technology, you can choose from the wide assortment of headset series. They will definitely help you in the long run. Given these points, Plantronics can certainly let you have the freedom of talking like it was never before. As a matter of fact, you just simply need to focus on your dialogue, experience the art of listening with the latest noise-cancelling technology and superior voice quality. Compromising on your communication is surely not an option for a business where HD voice quality is needed. Plantronics is definitely going to fulfill your needs. Capstar Solutions is one of the Plantronics dealers in Pakistan with good satisfied clients using these headsets.

Bluetooth Headset Features

  • Cool design

  • Extended range

  • Resistant to Moisture

  • Intelligent Sensor Technology

  • Caller ID and Voice answer

  • Noise Suppression

Corded Headsets Features

  • Comfortable Design

  • Extraordinary Audio

  • Sound Guard Technology

  • Long Term Sustainability

  • Excellent Mic Gain

  • Noise Suppression

Wireless Headsets Features

  • Multi-Device Connectivity

  • Noise Cancellation

  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Brilliant Routing

  • Quality Audio (Stereo Effect)

  • Plantronics Software