Man Using Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

With the help of Interactive Whiteboards learning or collaborating is always a dynamic experience. Students can express their ideas and explore their interests more because of the fun they have while using an interactive board. Interactive boards will make the students leave their seats and eager to learn in and intuitive way.

Interactive whiteboards have got a lot of features. A teacher can switch from running an online quiz to playing a video or surfing the internet. Each and everything has now been integrated. There is no need to worry about the mediums or devices that you  use. Your interaction will be amazing while using different devices whether, it is a video or a presentation of just internet usage. You can switch different modes.

Multiple students can use a single board because of the multi touch technology. You can use pens while erasing material already on the board. There are powerful tools available in the classroom adding value to having an interactive and collaborative classroom. Traditional notes create a wide range of learning opportunities for students when a teacher uses them in an interactive manner.

Pakistani Schools

In Pakistan schools are rapidly adopting this technology to familiarize their students with the latest technology. It is an amazing technology to use but still it is not being widely used and acting as glorified blackboards. Therefore, interactive boards can be very cost saver as it provides a means of education for the entire classroom. It uses only a single computer and a multimedia projector. It is much better than equipping your premises with an entire IT room of every student with a costly laptop to learn. You can get the same benefits from an interactive board. While encouraging the students to have different kinds of interactive activities in groups and individually.