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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response is a host systems of a company. When a customer calls a number, he hears a voice response which he can use to connect to a specific person or department after hearing the dialogue of the IVR. IVRs are pre-recorded and dynamically generated audio. It then further directs a caller to the concerned department or person in a company.

IVR is an interface that can control the incoming call flow in an organization. It further breaks down the dialogue into a series of small dialogues. Here, you eventually help a caller to land to the required agent.  An IVR is an ideal installation in a system where there is a higher volume of calls.

An Interactive Voice Response allows a user to configure personalized messages and prompts. You can record personalized greeting and prompts. Whenever you customers call on your number they have a personalized experience. Secondly, you can also use some default or pre recorded IVRs for your business to avoid time consumption and be more professional.


Purpose of IVR

An IVR is a great method of collecting the right information about your customer as well. As a matter of fact, routing a caller from a main IVR to a different one allows you to understand about the needs and concerns of the caller. You can understand the volume of the calls for a specific department and have other information metrics for your business.

An IVR is very helpful when it comes to automating to your customer support. Your customer himself can solve his problem following the right messages. He get the information he is searching for in less time and without having any trouble. Similarly, you can prioritize your calls as well. The system will automatically put a high priority customer whenever he calls so you don’t miss any important customer or call.