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How Yealink IP Phones Boost Office Efficiency

Benefit from the advanced telephony features, next-generation communication experience and great flexibility, and eventually unleash the power of remote collaboration and maximize the ROI.

Easy Collaboration with

Yealink IP Phones

Distraction-free communications with industry leading Smart Noise Filtering Technology, Yealink is the number one choice for business phone systems.
The flexibility to customize your phone system is why so many businesses choose Yealink IP phones.
With nearly twenty years of innovation, no brand has a long history of delivering what users need in today’s workplace.

We are the strategic authorized partners of yealink in Pakistan. We are the leading distributors of IP phones and have supplied a large number of companies across Pakistan. Our products are designed for businesses of all sizes and can meet all of your communication needs.

One-stop & Full Scenario Device Solutions for Microsoft Teams

As Microsoft Gold Communications Partner, Yealink offers a full portfolio of audio and video devices solution for Microsoft Teams that allows different professionals to work the way they love in meeting rooms, in the office, and on the go, as well as working remotely.

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Flagship Desktop Phones

T5 Series IP Phones

The T5 business phone series, one of the industry’s most advanced enterprise communications solutions are designed to support modern workforces with the flexibility and ease of management to handle demanding tasks and multitasking professionals.

With cutting-edge audio and video conferencing technologies along with a broad range of peripheral options, the T5 Series provides multiple options to maximize efficiency and productivity in any workspace or environment.

We are the premium partners of Yealink in Pakistan and carry large stocks of different models.


Zoom Certified
Microsoft Teams Certified
Yealink VP 59

Yealink VP59

Yealink VP59 is the flagship only video phone in the market certified for Microsoft Teams Video Calling. Offering dual-mode registration simultaneously with Teams and SIP makes it an ideal executive phone.

Yealink T58W Pro with Camera

Yealink T58W Pro with Camera

With an option to have a 5 megapixel camera for audio/video conferencing make T58W a great choice. Move around freely by holding the bluetooth handset without cluttering your desk.

Yealik T58W Pro

Yealink T58W Pro

T58W Series comes with enhanced system performance, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of business needs. Enhance productivity and efficiency with  Gigabit Ethernet PoE, Hot-Desking capability and improved acoustic

Yealink T57W

Yealink T57W

Designed for demanding users who need reliable and efficient communication in a business environment with multiple functions. Innovative multimedia technology and abundant functions make it the ideal choice.

Yealink T54W

Yealink T54W

The T54W supports UC platforms such as Team, Zoom, and RingCentral when connected to a PC via Bluetooth. The solution also supports hybrid UC/SIP meetings, providing seamless internal and external communication.


High Resolution Display

With its vivid and clear visual presentation under diverse lighting conditions and flexible viewing angles, the T5 Series desktop phone is perfect for business.

Immersive Conversation

With the help of multiple microphones, the Yealink Acoustic Shield is able to create a virtual “shield” and intelligently block out background noise as well

Premium Video Meeting

The flagship models VP 59 and T58 offer professional HD integrated video calling and voice collaboration at the desktops as well as in huddle spaces.

DECT Technology

Turn your T5 Series phones into a DECT base unit and connect with up to 4 Yealink DECT handsets with significant flexibility and mobility to free the workers from the desk.


Business Phones

T4 Series IP Phones

The Yealink T4 Series IP Phones are an enterprise-grade solution suitable for various business sections. It features nine models of distinctive appearances and rich functionalities including Gigabit network support, and superb sound quality.

Combining optima HD audio performance, and gigabit wired/wireless networking with ultra-intuitive user interfaces, T4 Series is the mid-range IP Phone series that boasts strong adaptability and performance. It is ideal for medium-sized companies and large enterprises in industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, transportation and logistics, public utilities, manufacturing,

Yealink T48U

Yealink T48U

Yealink T48U offers support for up to 16 SIP Accounts offering USB recording and various features perfect for busy callers. Supports expansion modules and the DSS keys are easily programmable.

Yealink T46U

Yealink T46U

T46U offers a 4.3″ color screen and Optima HD voice, Acoustic Shield & Smart Noise Filtering. Supports Bluetooth via Wi-Fi dongle for easy pairing between mobile phones and T46U.

Yealink T43U

Yealink T43U

T42U is a feature-rich SIP phone for people in co-working spaces or common areas. The feature-rich phone supports 12 SIP Accounts and Smart Noise Filtering with an acoustic shield 


Yealink T42U

Yealink T42U

A basic business phone with all the features that you may expect from a business phone. . Features a monochrome LCD screen and is perfect for advanced call features.

Enjoy The Convenience

Highly Reliable And Easy-To-Use IP Phone

Yealink Phones offer broad compatibility with major platforms and service providers enabling customers to benefit from seamless integration, greater flexibility, and productivity. 

To learn more and get a free demo, please reach out to us

Classic Phones

T3 Series IP Phones

Yealink’s T3 series is a classic and cost-effective entry-level business IP phone model designed for regular everyday office users. These phones support multiple SIP accounts with a feature-rich user interface and intuitive menu options making navigation a breeze. Being cost-effective they are being deployed in hundreds of quantities across Pakistan.

T3 Series phones are equipped with better physical hardware and offer 5-way conferencing making them a great option for businesses looking for multi-party calls on a smaller budget. Featuring modern appearances and ergonomic details, the advanced design makes it easier to use the phone for long durations without getting tired.

Yealink T3 Series Phones
Yealink T31P

Yealink T31P

An entry-level IP Phone offering basic features like voicemail, auto attendant, headset support, and EHS support for corporate environments. Supports 2 SIP accounts and 5-way conferencing with dual Ethernet ports for flexible connectivity.

Yealink T46U

Yealink T31G

The phone is Yealink’s latest addition to its T-Series Business IP Phones which offers a wide range of standard and advanced features to suit the requirements of corporate environments and comes with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports

Yealink T33P

Yealink T33P

The T33P is a business media phone that delivers exceptional sound quality and a great user experience on a high-resolution TFT color display. It is a cost-effective entry-level IP Phone model designed for regular everyday office users.


Yealink T33G

Yealink T33G

T33G offers a 2.4″ color display and incorporates HD voice & acoustic echo cancellation technology. It supports up to 6 SIP accounts and dual Gigabit network ports supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE) for a flexible and cost-saving deployment

Yealink Open SIP Phones

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Yealink Phones for Microsoft Teams

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Yealink Conference Phones

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Headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan with over 750 customers enjoying our services over the last 9 years making us one of the best system integrators in Pakistan and one of the pioneers of the industry in this region.

We are the premium-level distributors of Yealink in Pakistan covering all major cities with dedicated sales and technical teams. We know our products very well and we know our markets well which means we can meet customer requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.