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Get and Stay Connected

The most resilient gateways for your VoIP deployments you can count on.

Connect your TDM networks services to make use of the newer packet-based networks by using specific features of the Sangoma Vega Gateways


Digital Gateways

The Most Resilient

VoIP Gateways

VoIP gateways are small stand-alone appliances that convert voice media between PRI (Primary Rate Interface) connections (which run over T1/E1) or BRI lines (UK) and VoIP.

A PRI interface provides multiple channels via a single telephone line connection. A single channel can carry data in both directions simultaneously. This is the most cost-effective solution for businesses who want to connect their office phone system to the IP network.


Sangoma Vega gateways lets you seamlessly connect traditional telephony equipment to an IP-based network and cloud communications services. You can use these gateways to connect your existing PRI/FXO telephone systems to VoIP. The Sangoma Vega Series of gateways supports most leading PBX brands including cloud providers like Genesys, Ring Central, Avaya Cloud Contact Center, Nice, Five9 and more.

Simplified Deployment

All Vega gateways have a quick wizard to quickly deploy your gateway without the need for IT Admin

Highly Interoperable

With builtin transcoding you can trust that you calls and faxes will work even in challenging environments 

Local Survivability

The vega gateway will allow local extensions to call each other and automatically route the calls to a failover destination.

Long Line Length

You can install vega gateways up to 8 KM away from the phones so you can store your gateway in your datacenter

Voip gateways

Without Changing Anything

Change The Way You Communicate

Sangoma vega gateways seamlessly connects VoIP and PSTN networks allowing you to use one platform for voice communication. Ranging from a simple point-to-point gateway to a more complex multi-point infrastructure, Sangoma’s vega series offers flexible design solutions to allow organizations to use the full potential of the VoIP

Take The Advantage


Wide Range of Application

Sangoma vega gateways can be installed in a variety of setting including: Offices, Hotels, Factories, Schools and Hospitals as well as contact centers located in remote regions.

Sangoma’s business-grade devices come with IP connectivity that lets users easily integrate their existing equipment with cloud-based communications services, enabling them to transition

Small to Medium Businesses

You just need to connect your FXO, E1/T1, and internet connection to the Vega gateway and it will automatically handle the call processing, the transcoding, and the translations between the VoIP and TDM network for you

Enterprises or Carriers

The Sangoma NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway is a feature-rich, cost-effective solution that allows Telecom service providers to introduce VoIP in their networks with transcoding capabilities for up to 64 PRIs


Sangoma Vega 60G

Connect your analog FXO trunks to any VoIP network using Sangoma Vega 60G. Ranging from 4 to 8 FXO simplifies the VoiP connection of analog lines.


Sangoma Vega 100G

Vega 100G VoIP gateways are highly resilient and can handle 30 simultaneous calls. The Sangoma Resiliency Enablement Suite (SRES) makes the Vega 100 gateways highly resilient.


Sangoma Vega 200G

Vega 200G VoIP gateways gateways have a capacity for up to 60 simultaneous calls. Strong internal architechture makes these gateways ideal for call intensive operations like banks, hospitals etc. 


Sangoma Vega 400G

Vega 400G lets you connect up to 4 PRIs to the VoIP network by providing high availability, flexible call routing for fallback and least cost routing offers interoperability with almost every voice platform.