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Yealink IP phone price in Pakistan

Yealink IP phone price in Pakistan

The Yealink T33G is a great basic phone for small businesses. Yealink SIP-T33G offers support for 4 lines and includes local 5-way conferencing. The Yealink phone works with a power supply or through PoE. The setup is relatively easy and comfortable, but it is best to restore the IP phone to factory settings before use.  The IP phone has a caller ID with the name and number. The Yealink-branded phones have no other company logos on them. The Yealink T33G IP Phone supports up to 4 VoIP accounts, allowing employees to manage multiple lines efficiently. With a resolution of 320×240 pixels and backlighting, this vibrant screen provides a clear and visually pleasing experience for the users. Yealink IP phone price in Pakistan has the features to promote freedom of movement and increase productivity by eliminating the need to be tied down by cords and cables effectively.

black rotary dial phone on white surface

What Are the Functions of Yealink IP Phones?

Yealink SIP-T19P-E2 IP Phone


Brand –Yealink

ModelSIP-T19P E2



Weight (lbs.)-1.9500

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty


  • Good sound quality
  • Easy setup
  • Durable and well-Constructed
  • Has a DND button when in use


  • Requires a wired connection to the network
  • Only works with compatible PBX/SIP Providers


Entry-Level Ip Phone with 1 Line

The SIP-T19P E2 is one of Yealink’s latest answers for the entry-level IP phone that offers the features and performance normally associated with much more advanced phones. The quite intentional choice of high-quality materials, combined with a generously large 132×64-pixel graphical LCD that gives a clear 5-line display, guarantees both a smoother user experience and easier access to much more visual information at a glance. Yealink IP phone price in Pakistan

includes the EHS35 support for Yealink wireless headset plus and the adjustable multi-angle stand, which supports and has been designed very specifically for the efficient use of work-based materials.

Brand             Yealink
Colour               Black
Telephone Type             Corded
Number of Batteries One CR123A battery is required.
Power Source         The Corded Electric

Batteries: 1 CR123A battery is required.


Item model number: SIP-T19P E2

Hardware Interface: Ethernet


Standing screen display size: 2.3 inches


Display Type: LCD 


Color Screen: No 


Voltage: 5 volts 


Wattage: 1.25 Watts 

Power Source: Corded Electric 


Batteries included            No 


Included is a rechargeable battery   No


Includes remote        No 


Manufacturer        Yealink 


Item weight: 250g 

How is Yealink Enhanced Call Management?

The SIP-T19P E2 supports vast productivity-enhancing features such as the XML Browser, the call park, the call pickup, the call forward, the call transfer, and 3-way conference, which makes it the natural and obvious efficiency tool for today’s busy small and large offices.

Features of Enhanced Call Management

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Enhanced ACD, Agent and Supervisor Clients, ACD State Synchronization through the web agent or IP phone interface, The call center reporting, the music on hold, and comfort announcements

Benefits of Enhanced Call Management 

Improve customer service, create virtual call centers, offer 24x7x365 customer care, manage calls effectively, and enjoy economic benefits.

Efficient Installation and Provisioning

The SIP-T19P E2 supports efficient provisioning and effortless mass deployment with Yealink’s Redirection and Provisioning Services (RPS) and Boot mechanism to help you realize zero-touch provisioning without any complex manual settings, which makes the SIP-T19P E2 simple to deploy and easy to maintain and upgrade.

Key Features and Benefits of Yealink IP Phone

Stronger Performance, More Possibilities

Equipped with a powerful chip, the T3 series has stronger computing ability and more upgraded functions, which ensures higher productivity and smoother office experiences.

Superior HD Audio, Better Communication

The Yealink T3 series provides distraction-free communications with the industry-leading Smart Noise Filtering Technology, which delivers excellent sound quality without extraneous noises and allows fluent conversations.

Classic Design, Practical Details

Yealink IP phone price in Pakistan was designed by the original Yealink team, and the T3 series inherited the concept of the Yealink IP phone family.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: How many lines does the Yealink SIP-T33G support?

Answer: It supports only 4 lines.

2. Question: Does the Yealink phone have a color display?

Answer: Yes, it has an extra-largest 320×240-pixel color display with the backlight.

3. Question: What additional features does the yealink’s

 phone have?

Answer: It has features like dual-port Gigabit Ethernet with integrated PoE and EHS36 support for the Yealink wireless headset.

4. Question: Will this phone work with a router?

Answer: The Yealink phones need a switch or router to operate, as well as an internet service provider.

5. Question: Why does it have Verizon printed on the phone?

Answer: We only ship Yealink-branded phones with no other company logos.

6. Question: Does it have a caller ID with a name and number?

Answer: Yes, it has a caller ID with the name and number as well.

7. Question: Can these work with just a power cord and a Wi-Fi connection?

Answer: No, you need a wired connection for the wifi.