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We are Capstar Solutions. Capstar Solutions is an engineering and design company working in the field of Unified Communications and Audio Visual industry. First of all, founded in 2014, by a team of keen individuals keeping the future in mind. Due to high demand in information technology, Capstar Solutions offers a wide range of IT Business Solutions, Management Solutions and Managed Services. Our portfolio always caters to the ever-changing needs of IT sector in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Capstar Solutions provide solutions like Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, IP Telephony, Audio Visuals, Contact Center Solutions, Cloud Computing and Managed Hosted Services. Besides that, our experienced team will help you select the best solution that you need. You will not waste your single penny on things that you don’t need with our help. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in your journey to business success.

Capstar Solutions has redefined the landscape on Unified Communications. Rather than just a device selling company, we provide complete solutions. Nonetheless, different affordable Unified Communication technologies have been brought in to Pakistan by Capstar Solutions. While there are others in the market, we made a good reputation with our good customer services. Besides Pakistan, we are also present in Afghanistan. Visit out blogs for latest news and updates.

Who We Are?

Our Crazy Skills

The mission of Capstar Solutions is to be the first choice of our customers when it comes to system integration and unified communications. Above all, we certainly want to be pre-eminent company and very much passionate about delivering the best customer experiences.

Indeed Capstar Solutions is a brand name for serving customers in different verticals. Similarly, the synergistic effect of our quality, expertise and experience  help us to propel our customers to a new, high plane of competitive advantage.

Indeed, we are here to revolutionize and benchmark the Best Competitive, Corporate, Operating and Financial Performance in the regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hence, we have already dedicated our best determination to provide the finest solutions ever possible.

Capstar Solutions has also made differences with its innovative and competitive approach of solving its customers problems. Furthermore, we have also taken challenges as opportunities because we continue to work on them. Our team can deliver you 100% on your projects whether they range from Unified Communication to almost every IT Solution you will be in need of  because we never compromise over quality.

Video Conferencing & IP Telephony 90%
Contact Center Solutions 83%
Audio Visuals & Projection 71%
Cloud Computing & Hosted Solutions 81%

Meet Capstar Solutions

Rizwan Ullah
Rizwan UllahManager Technical Sales
Mr. Rizwan Ullah is an experienced Unified Communications & Collaboration professional and serving the industry at his best. Because at Capstar Solutions, he has completed more than 22 projects.
Habib Ur Rehman
Habib Ur RehmanChief Operating Officer
Mr. Habib is an expert former banker and know well how to develop business strategies to enhance the productivity. With great enthusiasm and energy, he loves to work in coordination with his colleagues.
Ubaid UllahChief Executive Officer
Working as CEO of the company Ubaid has got a wonderful understanding of the technology and how people interact with it.

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