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Professional Headsets

Axtel headphones are ideal to be used in Unified Communications environment having a variety of wired and wireless headgears for communications. Axtel is a global manufacturer of quality headphones and professional communication accessories. Technology has indeed brought an immense change in the way business communicate. Because it has combined voice and data networks. Similarly, minimize the trouble in holding phones and work effectively headphones have brought about a change for it.


By using these headgears, you employees can indeed enjoy the freedom of communication without being bored or tired. Because they can have a good conversation over the phone when they will be comfortable. Fully equipped with advance features, they compete with any professional grade headgear available in the market. They are pure example of defined voice quality and reliability.

Professional Headsets

Enhanced with a great variety of professional headphones for office workers and wireless headgears for mobile users. You can always stay connected with your friends, colleagues, family and friends while on the go. Likewise, equipped with an advanced sound technology and elegant design, They make it an amazing experience even if you are using a mono aural headgear. Additionally, using a mono aural headsets surprisingly lets you stay connected to the rest of your office while listening to HD voice of the caller at the same time. With attention to all of the details of a professional communication process, it has created finest quality headgear.

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Also these head gears provide the flexibility of connecting the headphones to a number of devices by interchanging the cables and QD (Quick Disconnect) for the devices. Because, cables and QDs have got the same Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and Automatic Gain Control features used in any other professional headphones. Further more, there are cables available for a number of devices which makes it an ideal solution for communication.

They are also completely compatible with all other hardware brands used for communication in today’s environment like, Cisco, Polycom, Fanvil, Yealink, Audio Codes, Grandstream etc.

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