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As its name says, Automatic Call distribution is a phenomenon in Contact Center technology where the software decides to route the incoming call to the most appropriate and suitable agent that can cater the customer’s needs. It is a great solution for those who handle a large volume of calls on daily basis like, Contact Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Technical Support, Telcos and much more hence, making it easy to understand the needs of the customer.

The main purpose of having ACD is to disperse the incoming calls to appropriate agents with specific skills sets. Therefore, rules make it easy to decide where to route the customer that are already defined. By introducing a number of variables, it gets easy to direct the caller to a specific department and not wasting his time. Likewise, caller’s do not have to hold and look for appropriate person to cater their needs because by doing so, customer services cannot be up to the mark.

For Example, If a customer has a billing problem, the ACD should direct him to the billing department only upon confirmation. Certainly, this would help the organization know about the volume of the calls and the most repetitive problems they face regarding which they receive a higher number of calls. Unlike most free ACD software solutions, we have intelligent call routing (ICR) solutions where all the incoming calls are checked against a database. Finally, this database system can be used to identify the caller as new or an existing one.

Benefits of ACD

Specific agent or departments get calls based on pre-determined criteria.

First available agents get the calls from VIP customers. Similarly, in case of no availability of any agent, they would be put on top of the queue based on pre-determined info.

ACD and CTI Integration allows an agent to previous customer information. For example, Communication History etc.

Agents sitting in multiple locations get calls from different locations.

Instead of waiting in the queue, the customer can opt-in for a call back. The agent would call back as soon as he is available.

We at Capstar Solutions specialize in Contact Center Technology. We have a goal of making the technology even more simple and understanding for our customers. Above all, our solutions are ranging from a small and mid-size companies to a large enterprise. Give us a call and we would help you with the solutions you need.